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The Anti-Confederate: Albert The Smasher – Full Animation

In 1864, Canada East and Canada West are locked in a hot political dispute, and their proposed solution includes the Maritimes–a new broader Confederation for the North American British colonies. But a fiery New Brunswick politician named Albert James Smith resists the resolution, which he thinks will have dire economic and political consequences for his […]

The Anti-Confederate: Albert The Smasher – Part One

In part one,  the political loggerhead between Canada East and West becomes the catalyst for change in the North American British colonies. But Albert J. Smith is looking for an equitable deal for New Brunswick. We’ll tell you how he won the New Brunswick provincial election in 1865 that effectively put Canadian Confederation on hold.

The Anti-Confederate Update

This is a large project. To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, we put the Coffee Cafe on hiatus and decided to produce a modest 3-4 minute animation about New Brunswick’s history around Canadian Confederation. Our plan was to focus on Albert J. Smith who led an anti-confederate government in New Brunswick in 1865, thus […]


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