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Promo Video: Brussels Sprouts For Breakfast

In medieval Belgium, ogres were excellent farmers, and were the first to discover a wild, cabbage-like plant sprouting up on their property. One particular ogre farmed the sprouts and sold them at the human market in Brussels, where they were very popular

PastorKenny: Please Let Me In

About a year ago, Rhonda (my wife), Robyn (my oldest daughter) and I were sitting around a table at Pizza Delight laughing over a book idea we started talking about that day. Rhonda took the idea in her spare time and wrote out the first rough draft for Please Let Me In. I played around [...]

Carry On – Kent Dawson

Kent Dawson is a talented Maritime singer, songwriter and musician, who pours his gifts into his local church and community. Carry On marks a new stage in his development as a songwriter and we’re looking forward to hearing more. One thing that is certain amid the uncertainties of life is God’s love and His steady […]


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