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Why does the past matter?

I once pitched a full-length movie idea about New Brunswick historical politician Albert J. Smith to producers at a screenwriting boot camp a few years ago. The response was ironic (beyond the obvious—that historical movies are too expensive), especially given the subject matter. “It’s not a national story,” they said. Excuse me? Not a national […]

Looking For Bootstraps

Look what came in the mail today! An advance copy of “Looking for Bootstraps-Economic Development in the Maritimes” by Donald J. Savoie.I had the pleasure of speaking with Professor Savoie about one of the topics of this book–the anti-confederation movement in the Maritimes between 1864-66, led in New Brunswick by Albert James Smith. This will […]

You don't have to justify your work, not even to yourself. Sol Lewitt

A minute of silence

My stomach is in my throat and a tremble courses through my body when I realize I’m next. By my reaction, you’d think I was about to be taken to prison where I would be bound and whipped, sexually assaulted and then strangled with my bedcovers. No. No such luck. I’m about to give a [...]

Warming up with A Winter’s Tale

A three-inch binder sits on the shelf above my writing desk, stuffed full of hopeful notes on different aspects of grammar, poetry, writing for the screen, writing for children, young adult , romance and historical novels. My inspiration wall keeps inspirational snippets collected from here and there in safekeeping. Most of these wise nuggets were [...]

Step right up to self-publishing

Though the line of respectability between traditionally-published and self-published material is blurring, the line regarding publicity has almost disappeared. Promotion budgets are getting smaller and these days, authors must create their own buzz. So when it comes to marketing, my position as a self-publisher is equal to any other author. Since I self-published my first [...]

Step right up, Ladies and Gents

I’m gearing myself up for a long period of blatant self-promotion. The business people in my acquaintance are used to this. Since I self-published my first book in 2011, Rachel’s Manifesto, I’ve had a hard time accepting that I am one of them—an entrepreneur. This spring, I’m planning to self-publish again: not one, but two [...]


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