Emmanuel: God With Us


So the first Christmas was 2000 years ago…now what?

When Jesus says in Matthew 28:19, “…and remember, I will be with you always, to the end of the age,” what does he mean? In a world where there is continual sickness, war, poverty, uncertainty and death, how does “Emmanuel—God with Us”—impact our everyday lives?

This series of ten minute sketches will attempt to answer this question. All inspired by true events, these first-hand accounts express what Emmanuel means to real people from various backgrounds and walk of life. Each scene has been fictionalized for dramatic purposes, but the essence of each story is true.

Watch the entire production on YouTube below.


Title: Emmanuel: God With Us
Author: Rhonda Herrington Bulmer
Production By: Glad Tidings Church, Moncton
Production Date: December 2012
Publication Date: March 2013
Producer: Kristin Pollard
Choral Director: Tania Roberts
Drama Director: Kent Bulmer
Format: Five ten-minute sketches



The Times-Transcript covered the Nativity Experience 2012 by interviewing Rhonda Herrington Bulmer. (Download)


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