Code Poet Media is a creative content producer: Novels, plays, screenplays, illustrated storybooks, web comics and more. Below is a list of the projects we’ve completed and new projects we’re preparing.


Believe is a one-hour, three-act Christmas play that is a fictional depiction of the life of Simeon, a character featured in the New Testament’s gospel of Luke. more >>

Brussels Sprouts For Breakfast

If the Brussels Sprouts on your dinner plate remind you of a pile of smelly green eyeballs instead of a delicious and nutritious side dish, regrettably, it’s all Sog’s fault. more >>

Emmanuel: God With Us

Five ten-minute Christmas sketches first produced by Glad Tidings Church in December 2012. more >>

Kent Dawson

Kent Dawson is a talented Maritime singer, songwriter and musician. more >>

Kenny is a husband, father and former pastor who, after a series of difficult situations, now works in a cubicle rather than a church. This webcomic finds the humour in Kenny’s life, even though it hasn’t quite gone the way he expected. more >>

Please Let Me In!

Adults and children alike will enjoy this light-hearted picture storybook about self-perception and elusive dreams. more >>

Rachel's Manifesto

A coming-of-age novel for YA girls. This fictional story, published in October, 2011, centers on Rachel Hoffman, a 17-year-old girl who is dealing with the pivotal life decisions that arise from first love. This book about self-worth and validation is just as popular with grown-up women as it is with teens. more >>

Rachel's Manifesto: A Companion Journal

Rachel Hoffman figured out her own story: now it’s your turn. This 60-day companion journal will jump-start your ideas and help you write your own personal manifesto. more >>

The Coffee Cafe  Upcoming Project

The Coffee Cafe is an animated web series about Steve and Yves -- two New Brunswickers trying to make a go of self-employment. more >>