Title:Brussel Sprouts For Breakfast
Author:Rhonda Herrington Bulmer
Illustrator:Kent Bulmer
Format:Picture Story Book (softcover)
Length:1500 words
Publication Date: October 2015

Brussels Sprouts For Breakfast


In medieval Belgium, ogres were excellent farmers, and were the first to discover a wild, cabbage-like plant sprouting up on their property. One particular ogre farmed the sprouts and sold them at the human market in Brussels, where they were very popular

That is, until his young son, Sog, cooked up a sly plot. Sog didn’t want to share his beloved sprouts with the undeserving humans. His plot succeeded, but it had unexpected consequences.

So if you don’t like Brussels sprouts, here’s a fun, fractured fairy tale explaining why–it’s all Sog’s fault.


Brussels Sprouts For Breakfast Promo
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