Title:Please Let Me In!
Author:Rhonda Herrington Bulmer
Illustrator:Kent Bulmer
Format:Picture Story Book (softcover)
Length:28 pages
Publication Date:Spring 2014
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Please Let Me In!


Jill longs to make a home in the marvelous city of Adventus, where days are rich and life is sublime for the best and brightest people. But when her great journey concludes at the city walls, she finds that gaining entrance is not as easy as she’d hoped. Will they let her in, after all?

Adults and children alike will enjoy this light-hearted picture storybook about self-perception and elusive dreams.


Step right up to self-publishing
Though the line of respectability between traditionally-published and self-published material is blurring, the line regarding publicity has almost disappeared.

Sackville Tribune - December 3, 2014
Rhonda & Kent at Dorchester Consolidated School

Rhonda's blog post
I’m gearing myself up for a long period of blatant self-promotion. The entrepreneurs in my life are used to this. Since I self-published my first book in 2011, Rachel’s Manifesto, I’ve had a hard time accepting that I am one of them—an entrepreneur.

Kent's Blog Post
About a year ago, Rhonda (my wife), Robyn (my oldest daughter) and I were sitting around a table at Pizza Delight laughing over a book idea we started talking about that day.


Mrs. Franchville's Class - Hillcrest School
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bulmer,

We loved your book!

We liked the part when she had her own place -- a castle. We liked when she didn't follow the others. We loved the illustrations, especially the beautiful colours, the purple castle, and the sunsets. Our favourite part was Jill's town at the end of the story!

Thank you for giving the book to us. How long did it take to write it? Can you come to visit us sometime? Review - Sarah Butland
A message without being obvious, this story is something I will enjoy reading to my son for many years to come.

The illustrations are ideal for younger readers while the story line and not-so-hidden lesson is relevant for all ages. Our urge to fit in and adapt to others expectations never really goes away until we realize who we really are. Jill is someone we can all relate to in the desire to experience the greener grass and more ideal friendships but in her struggle to make herself fit in she realizes so much more.

A great read for boys and girls, this author reminded me a little of Dr Seuss in her whimsical methods but with a much more meaningful storyline (and all actual words).