Title:Rachel's Manifesto
Author:Rhonda Herrington Bulmer
Published:September 2011
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Rachel’s Manifesto


Can a relationship with a bully help you discover who you really are? Will it help you summon the courage to break free, or will you lose yourself in someone else’s version of you?

Take Rachel for example. She’s 17, loves her 18-year-old boyfriend, Hugh. There’s one big thing Hugh has to change about her, though: she’s a virgin.

What’s she going to do about that?

RACHEL’S MANIFESTO is a voyage of self-discovery in which Rachel’s opinionated friends, her frazzled single mother and her recurring dreams all play a role in this coming-of-age story.

Saturday, 2 am
Dear Diary:

Most people say that the heart always knows the truth. So all we have to do is listen, and then get up the courage to do whatever it’s telling us to do.

Yeah, right.

It’s a poetic thought, but that’s sure not how it’s working out for me. How can you trust your feelings when they change every day?

So instead, I’m in “think carefully…you might regret it” mode. My boyfriend Hugh says, “Rachel, thinking is all you ever do,” but I’m only 17 and this is by far the biggest decision I’ve ever made—having sex for the first time. It’s the twenty-first century…no big deal, right?

But it is a big deal, at least to me. Am I the only virgin going through this? Am I the only one with opinionated friends who spend more time arguing with each other than they do with me?

And the biggest question: If I say no, will I lose him?

My heart is pulling me in two different directions. The trick is to figure out which direction is the right one.


November 10, 2011 - CBC Interview
Moncton writer Rhonda Bulmer talked to Jonna Thursday about her new book geared towards young adults. It's called "Rachel's Manifesto", available at Cover to Cover Books in Riverview and Tidewater Books in Sackville. It's also avilable on, and at Chapters in Dieppe, where she'll be doing a reading on Nov. 20th. (download audio)

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Rachel's Manifesto tackles topic very familiar to teens
Rachel's Manifesto was reviewed in Linda Hersey's weekly column, By the Book, in the December 21, 2012 edition of the Times-Transcript.


Elisabeth Hawkes
I loved reading Rachel's Manifesto. A great story about self worth, and the everyday pressures most teens experience. Any young woman would benefit from reading it, and probably a few young men as well. I would definitely recommend Rachel's Manifesto.