Step right up to self-publishing

Though the line of respectability between traditionally-published and self-published material is blurring, the line regarding publicity has almost disappeared. Promotion budgets are getting smaller and these days, authors must create their own buzz. So when it comes to marketing, my position as a self-publisher is equal to any other author. Since I self-published my first [...]

PastorKenny: Please Let Me In

About a year ago, Rhonda (my wife), Robyn (my oldest daughter) and I were sitting around a table at Pizza Delight laughing over a book idea we started talking about that day. Rhonda took the idea in her spare time and wrote out the first rough draft for Please Let Me In. I played around [...]

Step right up, Ladies and Gents

I’m gearing myself up for a long period of blatant self-promotion. The business people in my acquaintance are used to this. Since I self-published my first book in 2011, Rachel’s Manifesto, I’ve had a hard time accepting that I am one of them—an entrepreneur. This spring, I’m planning to self-publish again: not one, but two [...]


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